Oversight on “Magic Trip” (A Pragmatic Play)

Magic Journey is half of the latest Asian inspired double act to come from developer Pragmatic Play – the other one being Money Mouse which offers a whole different sort of slot altogether. It’s going to take you a few spins of Magic Journey before you figure out how the gameplay works. In reality, it’s not quite as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Magic Journey takes a simpler approach than some other Asian-themed slots. It’s easy to understand, moves at a breakneck rate, and borrows vivid symbols from the theme.

Magic Journey’s graphic style is inspired by Journey to the West, a classic Chinese book. There are both human and nonhuman animal characters in this timeless tale of enlightenment. In the West, the name “Monkey” is synonymous with the film adaption, which emphasized Kung Fu action sequences above philosophical depth. It’s this more light-hearted approach we get with Magic Journey.

The homepage’s five yellow lightning bolts should serve as a warning to players that this is as high-risk as it gets for a Pragmatic Play game. There are no extra features to slow down the gameplay, which helps keep things moving quickly. Bets range from 20 percent to $/€100 each spin, and RTP is rather high at 96.54% (though it can be lower at some casinos). The graphics are above par, and the odd setting is housed in a pagoda-like building with green tiles. The scenery in the background is quintessential Asian, with mountains, golden skies, and abundant natural beauty.

The 3×3 grid that makes up the playing field is immediately noticeable as being unlike anything else. From afar, it appears that the grid rotates, but it actually does not. A bonus reel might potentially make use of the extra row across the bottom. Both of these assertions are false. Just how does it function, then?

Featuring: a Magical Detour (Realist Play)

The gameplay itself really is the feature as there is nothing more to it. There are no distractions like wild symbols, random payouts, free games, or a bonus round. How it works is that the 3×3 grid, which is known as the scorecard, has each of the 9 slots supplied by a different character from the Journey to the West story. This grid does not rotate at any point during play and remains in its original position the entire time. Below this, there’s a horizontal 1×5 row that spins, running the length of the bottom of the play area.

Each spin of the wheel has a chance of revealing anywhere from zero to five of the illuminated characters in the horizontal row. When a spin ends and no lines are produced on the scorecard, there is no payout. If these icons form a line, the row will rotate clockwise. If further lines are created by the arrival of fresh symbols, play continues. It keeps going until either no more lines can be made, or all the spaces on the scorecard are filled with lights. Line formations are rewarded as follows:

One line, double the wager.

For every two lines, the wager will be multiplied by five.

Three lines – 10x the bet.

15 times your wager for four lines.

Five lines, 30 times the wager.

100 times your bet on six lines!

400 times your wager for eight lines!

The central monkey emblem is the lone exception to these guidelines. If he lands on the spinning reel, a Respin is awarded regardless of whether or not any winning lines were formed.

Conclusion of the Magical Trip (A Pragmatic Play)

Magic Journey probably doesn’t sound like it has much going for it, and that’s because it doesn’t. However, there is something about it that makes it intriguing. Gaining some early victories will allow you to sink your teeth into the game. Magic Journey is a short but sweet book. The demo’s first few turns may have been baffling, but the game’s objective soon became clear. It also became apparent that Magic Journey is actually quite a delightful game to play, despite an initial reading of the paytable and some sneering at the potential. If you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll appreciate the fast pace and straightforward design of this slot machine. In a terrible streak, hardly much happens and it becomes boring.

It is different though, so credit to Pragmatic Play for thinking up a novel concept. By any measure, Magic Journey is hardly a high-paying slot machine. For such a high-stakes game, its maximum payout of 400 times the wager is fairly modest, but it’s not trying to compete with the industry’s top slots. Magic Journey is like the Taylor Swift of slots. Even though you wouldn’t dare acknowledge it in front of your true-blue pals, you secretly like mouthing along to the lyrics.

In conclusion, you should give Magic Journey a try, at least in demo mode to see if you enjoy its features. It’s distinctive enough that whether someone loves it or hates it is understandable. The peculiar gameplay of Magic Journey may not excite the gambling world, but when it’s hot, it can bring in a healthy sum of money and provide a healthy dose of excitement.






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